Reload your card

Want to put more money onto your Card?

Please note that a 2% commission will be charged for reloading your GBP Cash Passport (excluding Globe Cash Passport) by Telephone or via Internet/Telephone banking. Commissions for reloading your Cash Passport in branch may vary per selling location. For further details please see the fees and limits of your respective card.

GLOBE CARDS: These GBP Cash Passports are not subject to a 2% commission charge unlike our standard GBP Cash Passport.

Transfer money via bank transfer with internet or telephone banking

The most efficient way to reload your card will usually be a bank transfer. Payments will only be accepted from bank accounts in the name of the Primary cardholder. If you have internet banking or telephone banking facilities, most Cash Passports can be reloaded by phoning your bank or over the internet.

This is what you do:

  • Ensure you have registered your email address with us in the secure 'My Account' area of our website.
  • Then you can either phone your bank or log onto your bank’s website and create a new payee to make a payment to the following:
  • Bank Details Beneficiary/Payee: Mastercard Prepaid
  • Sort Code: 20-32-53 
  • Account Number: 63807568 
  • Reference: Your 16 digit Cash Passport card number on  the front of your card)
  • Amount: Please ensure the amount you load on your card is within the allowed card limits.

It may take up to 5 working days for your funds to be transferred by your bank, however, be assured that we will load the funds onto your Cash Passport within 24 hours from when we receive them.

We will send you confirmation, either via email or post, that your reload has been successful.

If you have a Euro, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar or South African Rand Cash Passport, we will convert your payment into the relevant currency, before applying it to your card account. You will find the rate we used on your reload confirmation.  

Please note that the Cash Passport rate used for internet or telephone banking as well as telephone reloads may differ from the rate displayed on Purchase Location websites or branches.

Online reloads

You can now use a UK issued Visa and Mastercard credit or debit card, to top up your UK purchased Cash Passport.

Before continuing please click here to see if your Cash Passport can be reloaded online.  

If your Card and purchase location match with a tick then you can reload online by clicking on the appropriate link below, depending on the Purchase Location from which you bought your Card.

If the Purchase Location from which you purchased your Cash Passport is not eligible for online reloads, please use an alternative way to reload your Card.  

Please note that online reloads can only be processed and accepted if the name and UK registered address of the payment cardholder matches the name and address of the primary Cash Passport cardholder.

Return to your original Purchase Location

Just take your Cash Passport and valid photo ID to any participating branch of the bank, travel agent or retailer where you bought it, and they will reload the card for you. Payments will only be accepted from the primary cardholder. 

Please note that some retailers may charge you a commission for reloading your Cash Passport.

Call Card Services and reload via the phone

You may also be able to reload your Cash Passport by telephone. Simply call us on +44 203 684 6495 and you can transfer funds directly from your debit or credit card. Payments will only be accepted from the primary Cash Passport cardholder*.

Reloads by telephone may be made up to a maximum of £750 (or equivalent) within 24 hours and up to an overall maximum of £1500 within a 60 day period.

Please note that the Cash Passport rate used for telephone reloads, as well as internet or telephone banking may differ from the rate displayed on Purchase Location websites or branches.

* Please be advised that when processing a telephone reload, we will require evidence of your identity and your residential address. To do this we will carry out checks on you electronically. If we are not able to verify the details that you have provided, we may not be able to complete the transaction.