Reload your card

Want to put more money onto your Card?

Please note that a 2% commission will be charged for reloading your GBP Cash Passport (excluding Globe Cash Passport). Commissions for reloading your Cash Passport in branch may vary per selling location. For further details please see the fees and limits of your respective card.

GLOBE CARDS: These GBP Cash Passports are not subject to a 2% commission charge unlike our standard GBP Cash Passport.

Online reloads

You can use a UK issued Visa and Mastercard credit or debit card, to top up a UK Cash Passport purchased at Travelex, Sainsbury’s, Thomas Cook and additional locations online. Please follow the appropriate link below, depending on the Purchase Location from which you bought your Card:

Please note that online reloads can only be processed and accepted if the name and UK registered address of the payment cardholder matches the name and address of the primary Cash Passport cardholder.

Return to your original Purchase Location

Just take your Cash Passport and valid photo ID to any participating branch of the bank, travel agent or retailer where you bought it, and they will reload the card for you. Payments will only be accepted from the primary cardholder.  

Please note that some retailers may charge you a commission for reloading your Cash Passport.